We offer a reliable and competitive freight forwarding service that will support your growth and expansion. Go-Haul thrive for a challenge and from the minute we have your request we instantly take action.

We focus highly on customer satisfaction making your request an ease from the minute you phone, with regular tracking updates, you can be at ease throughout the whole process.

Go-Haul offer services to large organisations by taking pressure of their high volume work load. We take the pressure of by offering a service where we take a majority of that work load away and take care of it for you.

As we work very close with every organisation we currently work for, we always make sure that we communicate with them day by day. This insures that the relevant person can update their transport planner in a more effective way.

If you currently have a high volume work load and want to use our service by taking some of that pressure of then do give our team a call today, we will be able to put in place the best possible solution for you, which will make you feel at ease right away.