As of 01/01/2021 as we all know UK has left the EU. There has been many confusions and discussions which has left many businesses to either been misled or just confused of what is required to export or import goods via Road, Sea or Air from the UK to the EU or the EU to the UK. 

Go-Haul have been working around the clock and are proud to say that we have this all handled to the best of our knowledge to make the shipment as stress free as possible as it was pre Brexit. 

We can do all custom clearances export or import with all documentation that is needed to transport the goods. Go-Haul can look after the whole process from collecting and delivering the goods all the way through to sorting the clearances out that are needed, alternatively if you do have your own transport sorted then we can look after the clearances for you. We have a tailored solution to fit you. 

Please email our knowledgable customs department on:- [email protected]