Same Day Courier

Go-Haul Couriers specialise in express courier services for large multi-national companies to small businesses all over the United Kingdom. Express services include same day couriers, dedicated and direct drive delivery with a 60-minute collection from booking time. Our express delivery services are ideal for high-value items or packages which need the fastest route to delivery.

Booking Your Same Day Courier

Our booking process has been optimised through many years of experience to capture all data required by our controllers for an efficient and speedy delivery. We do ask a lot of questions over the phone or online booking process, however, by the end, our customers are always confident in our ability to carry out their urgent/panic courier shipment. To enable the job controller to give an accurate and quick quote as a minimum we require a description of the goods, collection and delivery postcode along with the dimensions and weight of the item to be transported. Length, width, height and weight allows us to calculate the vehicle size required. After receiving all the consignment details the fastest route can be calculated including any tolls, ferries and London congestion charges added if applicable to the final cost and a quote be generated and emailed over to you the customer. Any further questions raised by the customer can be addressed and answered at this point regarding the speed, cost and time by the controller. The booking and price can be confirmed at this time when full collection and delivery details with contact names and numbers are given to generate a job booking and reference number. The job reference number can be used when contacting Go-Haul Couriers regarding the booking at any time before during and after the same day courier service. Please click on the “contact” tab above to enter your requirements alternatively call us.


Collections are allocated to our 3000+ nationwide same day couriers drivers based on the information given during the booking process. If speed is the dominant factor we will locate and allocate the closest driver to the collection point to enable the quickest pickup of the envelope, documents, parcel, case or pallet. When transporting high-value goods we will dispatch the nearest driver with goods in transit insurance at or above the level requested. Deliveries with a flexible delivery time we will have the next available courier pick up the goods when passing the collection point.


Deliveries are made as fast as possible if a direct drive vehicle is requested. We can also make timed deliveries if the courier has been booked on site for a set time. For Royal Air Force bases, law courts and other high-security sites we can provide drivers full name, vehicle colour, make, model and registration number at the time of booking to allow access to the premises. The driver can also carry with them their passport and photo driver’s license which can be checked on the site before entering.

Proof of Delivery

All deliveries are completed with a signature and full name recorded from the customer to confirm the goods have been received in good condition. The Pod can be viewed online or a hard copy can be emailed to the customer on request if needed.